About Us

Growing up with a mixture of French and Togolese culture, where every meal and cooking time was special, I was raised with the idea that meal times have the power to gather people. In 2017, my girlfriend and I decided to move to Bristol after having spent many years in Paris.

Here in Bristol, I have noticed that people like to eat healthily or at least, would like to, but more importantly they all have excellent memories about mealtimes with their grandparents.

Meanwhile, life expectancy rates are ever increasing and the elderly population are becoming more and more isolated.

With these statistics in mind, I decided to create Old Taste, Good Taste.

Created in 2018 and based in Bristol, Old Taste Good Taste is a charity which aims to reconnect new and old generations through several cooking events.

The aims of Old Taste, Good Taste are to :

  1. Learn recipes from the “good old times” with older generations
  2. Decrease social exclusion of older generations
  3. Discover also foreign cuisine
  4. Give people a taste for cooking

And ultimately… share Good Times with Good Taste 🙂

Now, you know a bit about Old Taste Good Taste, we look forward to meeting you at our next event!


Old Taste, Good Taste